Bandera II

by Bandera

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Recorded June 3-5th with Colin Young
Mastered by Greg Dawson of BWC Studios June 24th


released July 31, 2011



all rights reserved


Bandera Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: I Taught You How to Hang Out
another year of running the road
another year of victims for the tax on the poor
another year of sin grown out of desire
another year of losing touch with the thought that less means more

and once we institute the plan there ain't no future
so we pack up and just start again
you lead a simple kind of life well then we'll suit you
until your land has dried and died in vain

another day of windows closed on the hands
and barring teeth that bite to feed
another day to scrounge and forage a way
to build a path that leads to light
another day to perpetuate a picture
that just grows and sits on display
another day another dollar but only for some
the rest just hang our heads and say

I can't believe that they didn't see a future
where can we go? where can we start again?
everything they could provide is gone
and our land is dried and died in vein

decisions decisions
to walk where we crawl
decisions decisions
and kill for it all
decisions decisions
to stick to the plan
decisions decisions
and creep through their hands

buy the fort sell it off just stay at ease
by the courts what we sell is what we keep

placing arrows just to mark where we have been
our footprints mark the surface of the sun
my arms bent back against time
I refuse to confide within your shelter
just for you to dictate how to behave
I don't want your guidance i don't want to be saved

I don't want to be saved.
Track Name: Tim Talks Colonialism
forsake your blood because you're never going to need it
when we rip your heart away
entomb your gods all you pagans around the bonfire
what have they done for you?
look on your land for you'll never ever see it again
we build our homes on bones

do you really think we really need a reason?
do you really think that we should care?
do you really think we really need a reason?
do you really think that we should give a shit?

all the women in a line to the left all the children get up on your feet
all your spirits all your natures all your beauty to give us wants not needs

at the end of the day we're giving you
at the end of the day we're bringing you
civilization at the end of a crosshair
(Tim! Tim!)
civilization so surrender your rights here
(Tim! Tim!)
Track Name: Ask Us About Y2FSU
or but a chosen few running out this sinful tide
needing something to hold their guidance true
i could give a damn if the world should swallow me whole
i would give a damn if a damn wasn't so damn hard to give
storms hit and oh what are we to do?
storms hit well they never seem to stay away

when I was young my father said to me
"just do what you love and please don't look to me"
so I set my sails based on what he said
my mast is pointed forward and my journey lies ahead
now my ship's at sea and I live through spear and net
I don't have a home because I haven't landed yet
sometimes I miss my father and the wisdom in his head
he said "you have no worries you can't fear abandonment"
the past is all gone the horizon bears my debt
to seek a promised land rebuild and then collect

I will pray to the tide until my life is set
when I sail through wind and rain the pressure reminds me of my mortality
but I will endure the storm until my task is complete or I'm buried at sea

there's a drought in the town tonight the booze sells well
there's a plague in the town tonight the disease sells well
everybody's got to drink everybody's got to deal
everybody's got to think everybody's got to heal

see land ahead
(what was left)
what is this? what is this?
(is just a shipwreck)
I see land ahead
(blowing smoke signs)
through the mist
(before my eyes)
Track Name: Tortured Fills Barred and Grilled
all around distant vultures
mystic language of all your omens fulfilled
but how long can we take this? the whole vanquished
squeeze this land to its last damn drop

looking forward and looking back
they have promises of wealth but is our dignity intact?
we dance away on signs of hope
and march along our favoured ghosts
there should be none to claim this soil
but your hearts are black as oil

I hope your happy with your money and your guns
if your arrogance besteads you then think you've already won
I hope you're happy with the pain that you've instilled
despite the effort you just can't seem to feel
It's all just numbers you don't care for what was
if you didn't kill for profit did you kill for something else?

go home you fucking romans
go home you fucking persians
go home you fucking ottomans
go home your empire's all gone
and the king and queen

it's the same as it always was
if they let you down easy then you know it's just because
the greatest lies outdo the truth
even when we see right through the ruse
and as his life bleeds through his feet
you silenced art to keep the peace
of your best intentions.

it's the same old story
Track Name: Tom Jane Just Wants His Kids Back
fail you're six feet deep

i can only see the light of your cigarette
a glance of the eyes between the breaths
it's the perfect location for what you intend
to gather information no need to pretend
that a stitch or a bruise is nothing new
but I guess that's how it goes

oh you talk an honest game but i don't know you
as you turn away asking me to follow you down
these twisted street these makeshift arteries
of your design
I won't I know that you can't stop one bit
the opposite of quit

insanity sets in as you fade through your prime
becoming aware of the awkwardness within your age
like pushing your hands through stone and twine

defined by actions prone to violence
hungered power sought in desperate plights
always honest
always win the prize
this dawns upon me as I realize
there's no point in trying to see your eyes