by Bandera

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released December 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Bandera Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: The Jolly Boys
In a tree fort built for a king
I never thought we'd share the same fate but
I guess that's how life goes
You don't get what you want just what your thrown
And turn to stone, but don't turn to stone
Just 'cause it was all a facade
Just remember those you love
Because you know they love you too and
Turn to stone, but don't turn to stone
You gotta live for a better day
Raise a glass to what you have
And not just what you had

Pull through your fascination with the stalls
'Cause I'm done with dealing direct

(Insert Tim's lyrics)

We are the number one industry
If you want it, then we got, we got your disease
If you don't think we're mother fuckin' turnin' heads
Then turn around and check your mother fuckin' girlfriend

We are the number one industry
Why you hatin' when I roll out in Mercedes Benz?
I just hope you know what to do
When you roll up in your mother fuckin' Mazda 2

We are the number on industry
Everyday I have a power-lunch with my boss
He likes to have his salad tossed
Yeah maybe literally, but I don't really think I know the figurative

I love my job, I love my wife
I power-run in three-hundred dollar Nikes
And you know that I only eat at Whole Foods
'Cause that's the best mother fuckin' thing that you could do!